More August Clips

Quick, easy, and luxurious pasta from my kitchen: Creamy Lemon Spaghetti with Salmon

A Pint With: Todd Haug, Surly Brewing Co.

Serious Grape: More Sauvignon Blanc Under $18

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Latest Clips

The simplest summer dessert:
Blackberry-Peach Cobbler

Liking the lambics:
Serious Beer: Mostly Sour American Fruit Beers

Crisp, tangy white wine for summer:
Serious Grape: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Under $17

We eat Afghan:
The Vegetarian Option: Khyber Pass

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New York Sparkling Wine on Palate Press

(image courtesy Lenz Winery)

I’m thrilled to share my first piece on Palate Press:
Tasting M├ęthode Champenoise Sparkling Wine from Long Island and the Finger Lakes

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A Savory Peach Salad and a trip to Snack Taverna

The Height of Summer: Savory Peach Salad at Pithy and Cleaver
There’s nothing like peaches and bacon…

The Vegetarian Option: Snack Taverna

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Beer for Wine Lovers and Hefeweizen from Germany

At Serious Eats, a quick weissbier roundup:
Serious Beer: German Hefeweizen

And at, crossover beer for wine lovers.
(Disclaimer: not my headline. These are beers are great choices to tempt wine lovers regardless of gender.)

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Rauchbier on

My latest on Esquire’s food blog, Eat Like a Man:

The Welcome Resurgence of Beer That Tastes Like Bacon

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Sauvignon Blanc, Broccoli Rabe, and The Kitchn!

Over at Pithy and Cleaver, some greenery:
Broccoli Rabe with Mozzarella Crema

And at Serious Eats: wine, beer, and fried food…

Wine for $9: Sauvignon Blanc

A Pint with Joe Short and Tony Hansen, Short’s Brewing Company

The Vegetarian Option: Tipsy Parson

And a special guest post on The Kitchn!
Straccetti con Rucola e Funghi

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